From time to time, the videos shown here will be replaced as we create new videos that are better for the topic or more recent. All our videos are available in our YouTube channel.

Our thanks to the E-CAM Horizon 2020 Project, which provided both the workshops where several of these presentations were made, as well as the technical expertise in filming the videos.

Introduction to Path Sampling

E-CAM ESDW: Topics in Classical MD; Lyon, France (2019)

This video mostly focuses on general concepts related to path sampling and trajectory based rare events. That workshop included a “hackathon” software development period, and the video includes suggestions for several such projects (many of which have since been added to OPS).

Developing for OpenPathSampling

E-CAM ESDW; Leiden, The Netherlands (2017)

This video comes from a “hackathon”-style workshop, and discusses various parts of OPS that would be of interest to new contributors to the code.