class openpathsampling.numerics.BlockResampling(all_samples, n_blocks=None, n_per_block=None)[source]

Select samples according to block resampling.

If neither n_blocks nor n_per_block are set (as is the default behavior) then n_blocks=20 is used. The blocks are always of the same size, if the number of samples doesn’t divide evenly, then the extra samples are placed in the unassigned attribute.

  • all_samples (list) – list of all samples

  • n_blocks (int) – number of blocks (resampling sets)

  • n_per_block (int) – number of samples per block

__init__(all_samples, n_blocks=None, n_per_block=None)[source]


__init__(all_samples[, n_blocks, n_per_block])